1116 Need To Return Home

"You know the answer. Would you like me to repeat it? I won't be tired of confessing to you again and again," he replied and shook the knot of the jacket sleeves as he asked calmly, "Is it tight?"

Ignoring his question, Jiang Yuyan stepped back and frowned in disbelief. "I will take it as I didn't hear what you said."

"But I said it already….."

"Not a word more," she warned coldly, interrupting him. "Next time when we meet, talk to me only if you take this nonsense out of your mind, or there is no need to even show up in front of me."

"Do you really hate it so much that you would prefer me not to show up in front of you?" He asked, not knowing what to feel about her always so cold reaction towards him.

"It's just nonsense. Get rid of it," she again replied coldly.


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