1090 Forgot the Important Day...

Lu Lijun pulled out the set of pajamas from the wardrobe and brought it to Jiang Yuyan.

"Change it fast and sleep after that," he instructed. 

Jiang Yuyan nodded slightly and accepted the clothes. 

Lu Lijun left her room and went to his own. He kicked away his shoes and lay on the bed, not even changing his clothes. 

He was happy and felt this relaxed after so long. He realized that since Jiang Yuyan returned from Paris, he didn't fight with her even once, and they were at peace. 

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He remembered all the moments he spent with her since the previous night. How normally they talked and even argued nicely like in the past made him smile. She listened to whatever he said and did. When he took care of her, it felt good that he wished to continue like it. 

"Why were we fighting all the time?" he mumbled, feeling surprised over how good they could be with each other. 

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