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Despite all my efforts I really don't know where to begin. There's so many things I've always wanted to tell you but it's hard to know where to start. My mind is a complete mess right now and that's probably why I'm just blabbering on in a sorry excuse of an attempt to get my self together. Maybe I'll start with my first memory of you. I remeber as a baby you like to sleep a lot even abnormally for a newborn. Even if there was a lot of noise around you wouldn't wake up, you would just sleep peacefully without a care for the world. I use to love and hate you for that. I always wanted to be a big sister but I hated that you would always be asleep.

The one time I realized how big of a sleeper you where was when we went to take our first family pictures together. Mom tried waking you up for them but you wouldn't even open your eyes despite crying because you were hungry. So we ended up taking pictures with you asleep in all of them. Mom really loved taking pictures of us when we were small, I think it's probably why I hate taking pictures now.

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Even until now I can't remeber any other times we took pictures with just three of us; despite all these years I only remeber that one time and another when my mom had gotten all dolled up and you were barely even one. I think maybe those were the happiest times of my childhood when it was just us three. Things started getting complicated after that..

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