4 Neglect

When mom had you she was still with your dad that was when she started paying more attention to you. You could read between the lines and guess why. But if you still haven't figured it out keep reading maybe you'll clearly see it at the end of this.

Whenever Salami (your dad) would come around to spend time with you and mom she would have me watching T.V or playing outside by myself. I always felt like a third wheen; unrelated member at those times. Believe it or not she would cast me aside when it was the three of you. I know Mom loved me but at those times it felt like she loved you more.

Even when she split with Salami you were still Mom's favorite because soon after she met Dad and Dad loved you a lot when you were small.

When Dad and Mom met she was babysitting Katherine. Katherine and I didn't get along as kids. She would hit me, punch me, bite me, and bully me severly. Mom knew and would scold her but because of Katherine mom met dad and they started dating. After this things started changing and I became the unwanted child again.

After mom and dad started dating you instantly became dads favorite child even before Katherine. He would spoil you like crazy even a little more than he spoile Katherine. But me, I don't think I ever got that treatment instead I was scolded or ignored probably treated even less familiarly then our cousin who visited sometimes.

When I was culmaniting from Kindergarden mom didn't attend my ceremony because Katherine graduated that day too so she went there instead. All of you went there no one showed up to mine. No one went to look for me I had to look for you guys. When I found you, you were all taking pictures together like a happy family I think I probably starting feeling a little hate towards all of you then. Because you guys didn't notice me until I called out to mom.

What's even worse I still stayed in school while you all went to celebrate together. I didn't even have to stay in school but I still stayed and even stayed after school until i was finally picked up.

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