65 You Won't Understand (Volume 1 Finale)

"You have weird friends," Yul commented once she was out of sight. Zeng shrugged. "Don't make me start on Subin," he said, glaring at Yul in a chalenge. A moment later, they both burst out laughing.

"They are good people though," Zeng said, and Yul agreed, "Our lives won't be the same without them." Zeng nodded, picking up another pair of glasses and handing one to Yul. He swayed as he walked back to him. It looked like he was a bit tipsy. That explained his earlier crying in public, or else Zeng wouldn't let his emotions free in a place swarming with people.

"Life is already short, Yul. I may not say it when I am sober but I love you a lot and I want to spend this short life of mine with you," Zeng said, raising a toast between them, "Here's to our love." Yul did the same, clicking their glasses together, "To our love."

Yul could only take one sip when Zeng pulled him closer, throwing his arms around him and giggled mischievously. Yul raised an eyebrow in question.

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