70 Why don't you understand, Zeng ge? I

After getting discharged, Yul came back home. Zeng wasn't there. Probably on his duty, again. Though it wasn't new, he missed those days when Zeng would be home before him and the doctor would run into his arms whenever he came home from work.

He had come back to their apartment after so many days. He didn't like coming back to an empty house. He didn't like staying alone here. It felt suffocating in here without his Zeng ge.

Wasn't he always living like this, all alone... even before Zeng came into his life?

He had always been a quiet person. However, the loneliness had never bothered him because he had a goal, a dream. He was a little boy of five when he saw his father marching in a police parade, wearing his neat uniform. Since then, he had aspired to become a police officer who would protect society against injustice and fight every evil. It was his childhood dream to be a hero and he became one.

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