68 Why don't you understand, Yul? II

Yul had just enough of it. The constant nagging of leaving his dream job. It had started off by a mere suggestion but then it seemed to be leaning towards a stronger push. He loved Zeng, he loved that man with every fibre of his being but this was getting too much. There had to be a limit to everything and maybe Yul had reached his.

He huffed in despair, "Zeng ge, you are overreacting as always. Nothing is going to happen to me. I always wanted to be a Police Officer, now that I have become one, I can't just sit on a desk arranging files and doing paperwork. Do you even care what I want?"

Zeng was agitated, "Do you think it's fun for me when you are out there fighting with your life on the line and I can't do anything but wish for your safety and wait for you to drag your injured body here for treatment!"

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