67 Why don't you understand, Yul? I


Dr Xiao Zeng was taking the evening round along with his assigned intern and a nurse on his either side. Wearing his regular white apron and a stethoscope hanging around his neck, he was tired but still maintained a smiling face while greeting his patients.

The intern, Dr Wu Fanxing, had many files in his hand which he will be giving one by one as the doctor checked his patients, going in their separate rooms. The nurse carried a tray of required injections and small vials. They exited room number 84 and Xiao Zeng handed back the file to the intern.

"Dr Fanxing, tell me about the next patient." Dr Xiao demanded the intern.

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Intern Fanxing immediately took out the file, "Room number 85, Mr Wang Yul, a police officer by profession, brought in yesterday with a bullet wound on his left arm. You were the one who operated on him. He is currently stable."

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