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Yul looked at him with adoration, sleep running away from his eyes. The way this doctor blushed whenever he did things like this to when he was so serious and mature, all shades of him were very lovable. Before he met Zeng, Yul believed himself to be quite mature, though he knew he had a lot to learn. "Say Zeng ge, were you always so mature and understanding?"

"Yeah, I guess," Zeng admitted, "This world is a cruel, yet fascinating place. There are all sorts of people with all sorts of personalities. I have seen it all in my college days. I learnt the most during that time."

Yul perked up at the mention of Zeng's college days, his attention easily diverted by a new topic at hand, "How did you look in your college days?" He asked, eyes full of curiosity.

"Don't you have an early meeting tomorrow?" Zeng glared.

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"I am not anymore sleepy," Yul said with a pout, "And it's not even ten yet."

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