47 Waking up to you

Zeng was the first to wake up. And while waking up to Yul certainly wasn't new to him, waking up to his naked lover most definitely was.

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It was fairly soon in the morning and he was exhausted but his body clock still seemed to work rather well. But instead of running off to a shower, he stayed there, in his lover's embrace, the warmth chased the early morning cold away as they laid under the sheets, bodies wrapped with one another's.

Zeng took in the handsomeness of Yul's face, sharp features molding into the soft ones as he was hugged by the younger man. Now that he looked closely, there were also a few small moles, one on his nose and the second above his eyelash. There was also a small, old scar at his left jaw, probably as a result of energetic childhood. Zeng treaded a bony finger along with, before kissing it softly.

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