32 Visiting Yul's place

The traffic started building up as they neared the hospital. Zeng had to unwrap his hands from Yul's waist and held the bike's rear end. The sweet, safe space had vanished as people invaded it. Yul felt the loss of contact and asked Zeng if he was alright.

"I am fine," he said, suddenly more aware of people's eyes on him.

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"Thanks for the ride," he said, getting down and unbuckling the helmet, "It wasn't as bad as I expected," he complimented, smiling.

"No problem," Yul removed his helmet too, to talk without a barrier. He put the object on the area before him and leaned ahead. Zeng had to avert his eyes somewhere else, blinking. He wasn't much used to this side of Yul. Zeng was getting more conscious around him. The Yul when they both were alone in his apartment or in the car, was adorable. He was cute and somehow predictable. However this Yul, when he was outdoors, was challenging and unpredictable. It was like Zeng was experiencing a new side of him and he somehow liked it.

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