75 Understanding you... why is it so difficult?

Yul blinked back the tears as his eyes looked ahead at the neatly trimmed bushes of the garden. His mind inadvertently travelled to the doctor and Yul shook off the image as fast as it came. It was difficult to think about anything else when he was off duty. At vulnerable times like these, he must keep any thoughts about Zeng at bay but they would never leave him. And with invading thoughts, came the bitter memories of the last time they spoke, the accusations exchanged, the miserable pleas and the heartbreaking farewell.

Yul sighed. There was no getting away from it. After a while, he looked back at his mother.

"Mom, didn't you ever feel that way when dad was on duty?" He asked, pertaining to the way Zeng said he felt when Yul was on duty.

His mother's expression hardened. "Every single second of the day, Yul. For years." She said looking into his sharp eyes. This was the first time Yul was hearing it.

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