73 Two lives

Yul helplessly slumped on the floor. His tears were flowing but he didn't make any sound. Zeng's head was lowered. He couldn't see Yul like this. This was what he wanted to get away from.

"We have been together for five years, Zeng ge. Does that not mean anything to you?" Yul asked, his voice trembling with every word and becoming smaller.

"It means everything to me," Zeng replied, "Those were the best years of life. But the honeymoon phase is over, Yul. Life is not all roses and sunshine. Reality sucks. No matter how badly we want it, we can't live in our dreamland. We were madly in love in the beginning but the new excitement and anticipation faded away after a time," he was lying but he didn't care, "It has become unbearable. Now all I am left with is despair and it's breaking me every second. Things have changed, Yul. You have to accept it."

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"It didn't change for me," Yul said blankly, "It never did."

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