52 The peace within

The thought of never again having the same bonds with his family scared Yul as he gripped the phone. The fear might have been evident from his face and Zeng once again let him know that he was there.

The doctor lifted Yul's hand and kissed his knuckles, grazing his thumb over them. He might not know what they had been talking but he knew it was hard for Yul and he would be here for him, effectively chasing his fears away as Yul smiled back a little. At least this person wouldn't leave him for who he was.

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"Yul-ah, listen to me." Mrs Wang said sternly, "I am not talking on behalf of your father. He can't dictate me, especially if it's about my son. I want you to know that you are my precious child. You will always be. It doesn't matter to me if you like a man or a woman. As long as you are happy, I am fine with it. Just…" her voice hesitated, "Just don't distance yourself from me." She sobbed through the phone.

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