24 The past resurfaces

"Hey Will," Zeng said hesitantly, trying his best not to let his voice crack. He didn't know what to do or how to react, his mind a jumbled mess, all the extremes narrowing down to one thing. William, the man he once loved was standing before him. It had been years since Zeng last saw him.

He remembered watching this man go after he had begged him to stay. He had hurt this guy, blamed him, even despised him but still, now that they met, he was still smiling. Just like the first time they met, the same dimpled smile had won him over.

So he did the first thing on instinct as the other man leaned in for a hug. He hugged him back. In that brief moment of a hug, millions of thoughts had crossed his mind, of the past, of the present, of the future. And all he wanted to do was melt in this guy's arms and cry his eyes out. It has been so many years since he had seen him, touched him.

"How are you?" Will asked, pulling away, voice warm and eyes gentle filled with amusement.

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