41 The morning after

The next morning felt like a new experience. It was Zeng who woke up first. While he had already woken up to Yul many times before since they shared the same bed, but he had never been this intimate with him. However, it was different now and he savoured the warmth that he shared with Yul, laying under the soft blankets in the early morning cold. Seeing the boy holding him as a body pillow managed to put a smile on Zeng's face. He could just spend all day looking at him like that and hugging him to his chest.

However, as much as he didn't want to get up, he had to. It may be his day off but Yul still had a working day.

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"Yul?" He shook him, "Wake up."

Yul groaned and barely half-opened one eye. He looked like he was questioning his life in the morning hours with no orientation of time and space. "You have early morning duty," Zeng informed softly, not wanting to disturb the leave that they had.

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