62 Someday

"I don't like us arguing," Yul said, making Zeng look at him. "Let's not do that. We can do other things instead." He pulled Zeng by the waist and went in to kiss him but Zeng pushed him lightly by the chest.

"Get away, I am still in my hospital clothes!" He said, annoyed.

Yul shrugged, "I don't mind."

"But I do!" He spat, rolling his eyes and got up to go leave for the washroom, gathering fresh clothes. Yul frowned, looking at his retreating back.

"At least let me join you in the shower."

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"No, you are so annoying."

"Come on, you liked it the last time."

"Shut up!" Zeng yelled from the bathroom, blushing at the comment as he slammed the door. Meanwhile, Yul chuckled in the hall. He shook his head.

When the doctor came out, patting his hair dry with a towel, Yul followed him wherever he went. He did not pay heed to the puppy that seemed to be going anywhere Zeng did. Zeng turned around and raised an eyebrow. Yul merely smiled, making Zeng roll his eyes.

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