38 Realisations

Yul wasn't sleepy. If anything, he wanted to be with Zeng and talk throughout the night, completely forgetting his early morning shift. But his plans were shattered when the doctor did not go to bed with him. The doctor had some other plans.

"Seriously, Zeng ge?" Yul deadpanned. Zeng ignored him, moving towards the door to go to the study room. He stopped to turn the lights off. He also wanted to be with Yul but there was always a designated time he gave to his studies and he couldn't skip it. "Officer Wang, your Zeng ge will be the lead-surgeon-Dr-Xiao-Zeng from next week. He gotta study as much as he can," Zeng said in explanation.

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"But you have already completed your education. You even have a degree. Why do you need to study?" Yul argued, seeing the doctor's obsession with learning.

"Well, it's as the saying goes : a doctor is a student for life," Zeng responded and adjusted his reading glasses for emphasis.

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