26 Put your head on my shoulder

"Ugh, I cry a lot. It's so stupid," Zeng said when they got back to his room. Emotional exhaustion made him slump on the couch and put his head on Yul's shoulder. He heard Yul chuckle and hit him on the chest, pouting.

Yul murmured an apology as he pressed his cheek on Zeng's head, "My mom says those who cry a lot are innocent at heart."

Zeng smiled, "Oh yeah? But you don't cry." He never did, neither did Yul tell him any incident where he had gotten emotional.

"I never cry," Yul stated firmly.

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"Mostly never."

Zeng hummed at that. "Well, I cry a lot whenever things hurt me." Yeah, Zeng whas the type of person who would shut himself off from the world and cry his heart out alone or when nobody was looking.

"I cry alone though," he added, almost laughing, "You are one of the very few people who have seen me cry. Guess you are one of the lucky ones."

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