78 Purpose of life

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months. It had been six months since Zeng and Yul's relationship came to an end. Six whole months since he last saw Yul, since he heard his voice or felt his touch. There were no more Sunday mornings where he would wake up to Yul smuggling against his chest for warmth. Strong arms wouldn't encircle his waist while cooking in the kitchen. He didn't have to worry about making the food too spicy anymore. He didn't need to bake cookies or cakes since no one would eat them. There were no occasional 'I miss you' messages or the frequent nightmares.

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Everything had gone still. Everything was at peace.... then why did the heaviness in Zeng's heart not fade away?

Being in love with Yul was a phase that, Zeng thought, he had already overcome. Six months was enough of a time to move on.

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