56 Need to be with

"Hey Yul, wake up!"

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Zeng was shaking Yul's shoulder but the other man just groaned at the disturbance, turning to the other side and pressing a pillow on his face for further privacy. But the doctor was not someone who gave up this easily.

"Wake up, Yul. You can't miss this!" Zeng said, going over the other side to complete his task. He yanked the pillow away, "Wake up, now!"

Yul's eyes fluttered open to Zeng's handsome face, bright sunshine behind him and a throbbing headache immediately followed. He groaned, clutching his head in both his hands, rubbing his temples to ease the pain as he sat up lazily.

Zeng backed away to take something from the nightstand. He gave Yul a painkiller and handed him the glass as he took a seat beside him when Yul gulped down the tablet, grimacing at the bitter taste.

"Do you remember what happened yesterday?" Zeng asked, taking back the glass and putting it away.

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