77 Moving on II

It was rare enough for Subin to call Yul. After his solo debut, the Korean guy had been bound to strict rules on his interactive activities as an idol.

"What do you want?" Yul did not bite back the edge in his tone.

"Nothing," the idol deadpanned. "I am going crazy today with the greetings cards and bouquets. I was waiting for a call from you but the day is almost over and you didn't even wish me!"

He pouted on the other side.

Yul sighed. It was Subin's birthday and of course, he would be celebrating it just like every other happy person on the planet. Just because one person's world is collapsing didn't mean everyone was going to mourn. So what if Yul's birthday this year was the worst birthday ever. So what if that day he had drowned himself in alcohol and wallowed in self-pity, the world would not be stopping for him. It would keep moving.

"Happy birthday," he said, annoyed because this cruel world was not understanding his pain.

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