76 Moving on I

Dr Xiao Zeng presented an application to the Dean of City Hospital.

"I want to transfer departments." He said handing over the document.

"Why? Is there any particular reason?" Dr Jiang glanced over the application through his spectacles.

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"There are personal reasons, Sir. I assure you, there were no hospital-related issues." Dr Xiao Zeng politely stated. His pact bond with this hospital still availed for a year and a half more. So the least he could do to avoid a certain someone was to change departments.

Dr Jiang nodded. "Alright. There are vacant positions only for the General Surgeon post. But mind you, the salary and recognition will be lesser than the current one."

Dr Xiao readily accepted. "Except the Emergency Ward, anything will do, Sir."

The Dean placed down the application on his desk, "Dr Xiao, are you sure about this? We need a valuable surgeon like you in the Casualty and Emergency department."

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