28 Meeting the parents

"Subin!" Zeng called him.

The boy whirled around in search of the source of the sound and spotted his best friend's crush. He smiled widely, his cheeks dipped to show his dimples, "Hey, Zeng ge! You came!"

"Yeah," Zeng said upon reaching him, "Congratulations!"

"Thank you." The graduated trainee said. Zeng noticed how good he looked in the uniform, just like Yul had said. Now, he had a terrible urge to see Yul. How would he look in the fully uniform-clad form?

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"Where's Yul?" He asked a bit too eagerly. Subin gave a mischievous teasing grin. "He's around the stage area. You can go and comfort that sad puppy. He's a bit bummed out, you know."

Zeng sighed with guilt. He tried his best to leave the hospital as early as he could. But at last, he got late.

Subin sensed the growing guilt. "Hey hey. Better late than never. So it's okay. He knows what your job means to you." He said.

Zeng pursed his lips, ''So . . . Yul said you are going back to Korea, right?"

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