63 Let's go party

They were in the middle of another hot makeout session before doing the good deed when Zeng's phone rang and Yul let out a foul curse. Zeng hit him on the chest, moving him aside to attend the call, taking his phone from the nightstand.

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He answered the call and wasn't too surprised to hear a mocking greeting, "You were fucking your boyfriend, weren't you?" Meng Zaria stated as a matter of fact.

Zeng sighed, "You are so crude, Zaria."

"Sorry but it's not my fault that you can't take my sass," Zaria shrugged as she sighed a report and closed the case file of her patient to fully concentrate on her friend.

Zeng shook his head in surrender. There was no challenging this woman. She was a force to reckon with.

Though Zeng was a bit irritated to have been interrupted during his private moment with Yul, he wanted to get this over with soon. "Why did you call?"

"Because I missed you," said Zaria.

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