4 I like you

"Wang Yul!" Subin was chasing him. Yul ran along the corridors of the dorm. From the open sidewalls, he saw a figure walking out through the main gate, white apron hung on the arm. He halted his steps, Subin stopped behind him. He saw that Yul looked so helpless. He had to be as they were not allowed to go out of the Academy except on Sundays and today was Saturday.

The half-Korean guy racked his brains to help his friend out with his crush whom he'll probably be seeing for the last time if something was not done!

Analysing the situation, he turned to Yul, grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him to bring out the life within him. His mastermind brain had come up with an idea. "Take the secret route that our seniors once told us about. I will handle everything else. Go f*ucking get him, tiger! You can do this!"

Yul felt his blood boiling up once again with passion. He nodded with determination and ran off to the side of the dorm building which contained washrooms on every floor. There the walls were only high enough to be climbed only by excellent trainees and Yul was one. The guard standing at the main gate was distracted by Subin.

Yul managed to climb over the wall with ease. He mentally thanked the instructor who had taught them this in their training session. Never did Yul think that he would be using it for something other than catching criminals but here he was; chasing his crush.

He made it to the other side. The lights at the parking area were on. Yul quickly made a run just in time to catch the person he resolved to confess tonight. The concerned intern had turned in the key of his car. He was without his glasses. Yul passed the lamp post and kept a considerable distance between them once he made a stop. He called out,

"Excuse me?"

Xiao Zeng turned around and was surprised to see a familiar face, slightly panting for breath. "Yes," he raised an eyebrow, "number 85 right?"

"Yes," Yul nodded, "it's number 85."

Zeng straightened the bag on his shoulder, confused about the situation, "How come you are outside? I thought trainees aren't allowed to take a step outside unless it's Sunday."

"Yes, that's right. I sneaked out," replied Yul, his heart beating crazily but not due to the run he had just made.

Zeng was confused, "And why is that?" He tiled his head.

Yul felt blood rushing to his face. "Because I wanted to say something." He was all fidgety, unlike his usual stern self. His hands trembled visibly but he clutched them into fists. Resting them on the side of his body, his chin held up high, his eyes looking straight at Zeng. He stood in an attention position as if preparing for a march. He took a deep breath and readied himself.

"I am sorry, it's all of a sudden and this is not a romantic moment or anything but I would like to confess my feelings to you..." He was sincere with his words as he breathed out,

"I like you."

Zeng nearly dropped his bag. Immediately steadying himself, he blinked, not believing whatever just happened. Why would someone have to play a joke like this on him? He refused sternly, "Stop fooling around, kid. Do you even know what that means? I am a man."

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Yul didn't waver, "I know that well and I am also a man. But that doesn't stop me from liking you." He took a step forward but maintained the necessary distance between them, "I like you means I like you. Your gender has nothing to do with it." He might sound confident but was all nervous on the inside, his palms becoming sweaty, his heart ready to jump out of his chest at any moment.

Zeng huffed. He looked away before looking back at Yul, his eyes searching for any lie but found none. The eyes before him were sincere and so was the man confessing to him. The trainee must really like him then. Now that he can't touch the topic about sincerity, he fumbled for words, "I-It has been only a day since you saw me."

"It was love at first sight," the police trainee defended himself again. Why didn't anyone believe him?!

Zeng saw a pout across his face. His little chubby cheeks gave him a baby-like appearance who has been denied his favourite chocolate. The intern almost let out a chuckle and put a hand over his mouth to muffle the subsequent emerging laughter. 'Love at first sight. How childish!'

Controlling himself, he cleared his throat. 'Well, he isn't really my type but he's cute,' thought Zeng. He asked, "What's your name again?"

Yul saluted out of habit, "Wang Yul, trainee number 852058, Sir!" It came out as a reflex from his two years of training whenever any instructor or official asked him his name. Once realising that he isn't in a training session, he immediately got flustered, "S-Sorry, ah… t-that was a reflex!"

Zeng had tightly shut up his mouth and pursed his lips to not let out the snort at the back of his throat. So clumsily cute! He let out a small cough instead, "It's alright." he gave a nod moving on to the next question, "What's your age?"

This time Yul asked in a gentle voice, "I am nearing twenty."

"I am already twenty six. So a whopping six years age gap, huh? Don't you find it uncomfortable?"

Yul answered Zeng's questions with questions, "Why would I? What does age have to do about me liking you? Plus, I am an adult and so are you."

Zeng tilted his head. This boy had a really simplistic way of thinking; something one cannot find in this complicated world. How Zeng wished everyone was the same! Then he wouldn't have to be in the closet for so long.

He appreciated the thought and gave a nod, "Fair enough. But… um... Yul, I don't accept proposals from strangers. So you are wasting both of our time. Please, go back now." He unlocked the car and went to open the door.

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