33 I'll be waiting

"- and they don't even give us juniors a gun, Zeng ge. Just a taser. Like, how are we supposed to shoot the bad guys?" Yul complained. Zeng seemed to agree with that cause.

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"That's understandable, Yul. You guys are so young and there's also the lack of judgement. It's dangerous to hand you guys such dangerous weapons so early. You need to have more experience, right?" He asked as stirred the vegetables and added some spices, specially minding the chillies as Yul couldn't tolerate much spice.

Frowning, Yul asserted, "But what if during patrolling or investigating, someone pulls out a weapon and attacks us? The seniors won't have to worry. They have guns but how the hell are we going to protect ourselves with just a taser?"

"Hmm," Zeng hummed and took a spoonful of the curry, "Here, taste this," he held it out to Yul. Yul opened his mouth to take in the food. After twirling it in his mouth, he raised his eyebrows in surprise, "It's awesome!"

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