49 Home

Zeng set the last of his boxes on the porch of the tall residential building in which he would be living from now on. His things were packed and shifted and here he was now, at Yul's place.

He decided to arrange the necessary ones and save everything else for later because Yul had wanted to do everything on his own and make Zeng just sit and watch as he did all the work. The doctor viciously disagreed and they ended up saving some work for later which they would be doing together.

"Fine but you are not lifting anything heavy," Yul had warned him beforehand. Even if he had good intentions in mind, Zeng took it as belittling.

"I am not some fragile princess. I can do it," Zeng retorted back. He hated people looking down on him like that. But it wasn't Yul's intention. He just wanted his love to have less work.

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