42 First step

"Hey, Zeng ge, want to move in together?"

Zeng choked on the soup he was drinking for dinner. Yul panicked and immediately went to his side, rubbing his back and handing him a glass of water. Zeng drank it in slow gulps and Yul sat beside him, pulling his chair closer.

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"I- oh… Wow, it's so out of the blue," Zeng said, placing down the glass. It was so like Yul to be this straightforward. It had been a few days that Zeng had reciprocated his feelings but Yul wanted to spend more time with Zeng because even a few hours without any physical or virtual presence of him were unbearable.

"Sorry. It came out all of a sudden. But I have been thinking about it for a while and today, it just slipped up." Yul shrugged. Then his relaxed expression hardened, "Do you not want to? Did I mess this up?"

"Relax," Zeng touched his arm. "It was just too sudden, that's all."

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