6 First date

Sunday morning had always been cheerful for the trainees for two reasons. Firstly, they can go outside the Academy and secondly, they can meet their parents. No matter how tough you tried to look, saying that you don't miss your parents and meeting them was no big deal, however the trainees were secretly or visibly happy to see their families. After all, they were just about twenty years old kids.

Some chose to go outside, while some would relax in the large garden in the Academy which was only opened once a week, on Sundays. The announcers would call the trainees down to the ground floor whenever their parents came.

Yul's parents visit him only on the fourth Sunday of every month since they lived very far away. Subin's mom came every Sunday with large boxes of homemade food, for him as well as his batchmates and juniors whose parents couldn't make it. That had added to Subin's popularity.

Currently, Yul was done with fixing his hair as Subin entered their room after bathing in the common bathrooms. The boy was patting his wet hair with a towel when he ceased to walk. He squinted his eyes, finding it difficult to believe in what Yul was wearing.

The guy who would be going on a date shortly after, was ready in black leather jacket, black undershirt, black leather pants with silver chains dangling from them and biker's boots.

"Seriously, Yul?" Subin gaped, "What the fu¢k are you wearing, you fashion terrorist! You are going to your first date, not some rock concert, you punk!"

Yul side eyed him, "It's none of your fu¢king business. Moreover, this is the only presentable thing I have and it's not that bad." He defended his fashion sense.

"Well, remove it. Wear my clothes." Subin took out his suitcase from underneath the bed and rummaged it after unlocking.

He took out a pista green, long sleeved shirt, a white top and black casual pants. When Yul was done wearing it, Subin set his hair with gel in an arc so that they were partly covering his forehead. Taking a step back he looked at his creation and proudly commented, "Now, this is better."

Suddenly, Yul's name was announced through the speakers. The two boys giggled at each other. "All the best." Subin patted his back, "Go rock it, tiger!"

Yul gave a firm nod, bumped his fist with Subin and ran down the stairs. He went to the office building. The external area of the announcer's cabin was flooded with relatives of the trainees.

He looked around to see the one he had been dying to see.

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"Hey handsome," someone called him out in a distinct voice and Yul felt his heart picking up a beat.

He turned around to see his object of affection, looking all adorable and sweet. As Yul kept staring at him, the other rubbed the back of his neck in shyness.

"Hi," Zeng said again, "You look good!" He smiled sweetly and Yul well... he froze. He was deep in thoughts of how the taller guy in front of him reminded him of one of those cute bunnies he had seen back at his grandpa's farm.

Zeng had to snap his fingers in front of Yul as the former wasn't receiving any response.

"Umm...y- yes?"

"Yul di, are you alright?" Zeng tilted his head in worry.

"Yes, I am so very alright," Yul raised his voice for answering out of habit, his hands straight and stiff by his sides, posture erect. He had decided not to embarrass himself like yesterday but there goes everything.

"Oh, and you look..." the words 'beautiful like a bunny' were at the tip of his tongue, "...decent." He decided to settle with it and thereafter, mentally slapped himself. Decent? Seriously? Out of all the nice praising words out there... 'decent'?

Anybody was bound to be bummed out after receiving such a comment in return but Zeng might have understood Yul's nervousness or he was the type to not fess over his looks. He smiled, "Okay then. Shall we go?"

Yul could only nod. While walking down the hallway towards the entrance gate, a few junior girls recognised the intern from yesterday's medical camp. They giggled and some even waved at him, smiling ear to ear. Zeng gave each one a polite smile and a nod.

Yul wanted to tell the girls to piss off since he was the man's date today. However he decided against it. He didn't want to scare Zeng off with his possessive side.

They got into the parking lot where Zeng's Toyota Corolla was parked under the shade. They both got in. Now that Yul was alone with Zeng in such a closed space, he suddenly felt exposed. He was so nervous that he couldn't even utter a word. All the things that he had practiced yesterday night had decided to leave his mind again. He didn't even realise when Zeng stopped his car near a cafe.

"We are here," Zeng said, unbuckling his seat belt. Yul followed him inside. The cafe was quite nice and spacious. Round tables for two were arranged, light music playing in the background.

Zeng ordered a caramel cold coffee and to his surprise, Yul asked for a chocolate pastry. The police trainee was tempted to eat something sweet whenever he was nervous.

Yul was the silent type of guy so Zeng initiated the conversation and eventually Yul was drawn in. Their orders arrived in a short while. They talked about casual stuff without going much deeper or invading each other's privacy.

Yul came to know that Zeng had no family background of doctors. His father was a professor and his mother a cashier back in Chongqing. He also had a younger brother who was in Junior College aiming to be an Engineer. The way Zeng spoke about his family showed how much he loved them.

They also shared about their taste in music and food. Zeng preferred more of Western music, a true one directioner and Yul preferred their native and Korean music, especially k-pop. As Zeng had rightfully guessed, Yul had a sweet tooth. The trainee couldn't handle anything spicy whereas Zeng lived for hot and spicy food.

Time flew by and they decided to leave the cafe. Zeng called for the bill and paid despite Yul's protests. "I am the older one. Also you don't earn, do you? How can I let you pay?" He had said in justification.

Ultimately, Yul had to give in but he made a promise to treat Zeng when he started earning. Zeng merely shrugged at the suggestion.

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