44 Fears

Yul messaged Zeng during his break hours as usual. But he didn't get any replies. He thought the doctor was busy in another one of his surgeries so he didn't pay attention but when Zeng didn't even reply back or called him even after his working hours, Yul got suspicious.

Is Zeng ge alright? Why isn't he picking up my calls? Did he reach home safely? All these questions swarmed his mind.

"Officer Wang!" His senior shouted.

"Yes Sir." Yul stood up at once, head held high and posture upright.

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"This is the third time I am calling you! Why are you zoning out?" The senior threw an unpleasant glare at him, "While filing the victim's FIR, you must pay attention to them. Concentrate on your work! Or do I need to teach you that from the start? If you are going to show this level of unprofessionalism, resign already!"

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