39 Confession

Zeng scooted closer so that their bare knees were touching. An amusing smile formed on Yul's face as he took Zeng's hands in his own. "Are you in a romantic mood, Mr-... sorry, Dr Xiao?"

Zeng giggled, cringing, "You do understand me, don't you?" He laughed. Zeng cleared his throat to a teasing tone, "Hm, Mr- … sorry, Officer Wang, you say that my eyes speak, right?" Yul nodded.

"So look into my eyes and tell me what they are saying right now," Zeng demanded.

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Quirked, Yul leaned closer, trying to study the vocal pair of eyes. Those beautiful hazel orbs were saying the things that would render him heartbroken if gotten wrong. However, if he was right, it would be too much for his heart to take. Either way, he was bound to hear an astonishing truth. He decided to answer him the same way he had done before. True or not, he would know it soon.

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