29 Caring for you

Before he could think of something, the Wang couple started talking.

"Yul had said that he met you at the camp and someday he'll show you to us," Mrs Wang said smiling, "Well, Yul sure has many handsome friends. Moreover, he never had a friend from the medical field. You must be special, A'Zeng."

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Yul rubbed the back of his neck. The truth made Zeng blush so much that he tried his level best to not let the colour reach his cheeks but failed.

"Um… are you okay, dear. Your face is a bit red," Mrs Wang asked with concern. Zeng laughed nervously, "I am fine. I just… I am not that good with the afternoon heat."

"Ah," Mrs Wang grimaced, "Well then, let's get going. You can join us, A'Zeng. We'll first go to Yul's apartment and keep his things there and then head for a celebratory lunch."

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