40 A place to belong

Long feverish kisses made Yul's entire boy hot. He didn't hold back this time and switched their positions so that Zeng was pushed on the mattress and he hovered over him, nibbling his lips like there's no tomorrow.

Zeng let him do whatever he wanted. After all, he owed it to him for all the wait and confusion he had put him through. Yul definitely wasn't missing the chance. He deepened the kiss, pushing Zeng further into the mattress at the same time pressing him against his body. His hands roamed the perfect body that he wished to explore for a long time. Despite being a man, it just felt right to do these things with Zeng. It felt perfect. Zeng was perfect and he was now his. He loved him back the same way Yul loved him all these months. There could not be anything better than this.

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