6 The reason this is happening

I woke up with a soft sensation on my back. I looked up at the white ceiling and squinted my eyes with the sudden light falling in them. I raised my hand and saw something that is not usually there. I looked towards my right and there was an IV drip on my hand. Thinking back on what happened, my eyes widened and I tried getting up but I did not have enough energy for that. There was also pain in my neck which was bandaged and tend to.

I fell back on my back and looked towards my left and Natsumi-san was lying on the bed next to mine with a bandage on her head. I was relieved seeing her and then I looked back at the ceiling recounting all the events that happened.

There was this woman who attacked us and then started drinking my blood. Natsumi-san tried saving me but got hurt in the process and the one who saved us was...Tsubaki-san. Yes, it was the white-haired beauty who saved us and she said that she was a half-vampire? Well thinking about it, it kind of makes sense as much as how bizarre it sounds.

I remember every word she told to me when I was about to faint. She pulled me in a cold hug and she felt so soft. She said,

"You are mine and mine only, Kazuki-kun. I love you with all my heart."

Huh, my memory is so good that I could hear her voice in real-time. I felt a cold sensation on my left hand and I looked up to see Tsubaki-san standing there and holding my hand.

"Tsubaki-san? How are you here?" I said surprised but I did not let go of her hand. It felt nice and reassuring.

"Because I was worried about you, Kazuki-kun. I am your girlfriend so it is only natural," she said taking a chair next to me. Wait.

"Girlfriend? When did that happen? As far as I remember, nothing on those lines happened," I said to her.

"Isn't it obvious? I kissed you yesterday and then confessed to you my feelings. You did not reject me so that means I am your girlfriend right?" she said to me acting all innocent.

"Listen Tsuba—"



"Ai," she said more commandingly this time and I let out a sigh.

"Ai," I said and a big smile appeared on her face. "I neither accepted nor rejected your confession so no, you are not my girlfriend as of now."

"As of now?" she said putting more assertion on those words.

Why did I phrase it like this? Do I want her to be my girlfriend? I mean, she is beautiful and has a nice personality. She also cares about me, I think but then again I cannot get over that fact I knew yesterday. That she was a half-vampire, so what? If I become her lover, do I have to give her some blood every now and then? I can't think straight right now.

"Look, right now, my mind is in haywire and I cannot really accept your confession though I respect your feelings but tell me one thing. Are you really a..." I said purposely not saying the word. Who knew if Natsumi-san were hearing this?


"And you are completely okay with telling me this?" I asked her being a bit suspicious.

"As I said, I love Kazuki-kun with all my heart so there is nothing to hide from him," she said still holding my hand. "I want to protect Kazuki-kun."


I wonder what she meant about this. Protect me from other vampires? I think that is what is trying to say.

"Kazuki-kun does not understand his situation, does he?" she asked me and I shook my head. "You were born on the night of the blood moon and at midnight so your blood is very special. If drunk by a vampire, your blood can give the vampire abilities beyond imagination. There was a rumor that it can even make them conquer the sun so many of them will be coming after you. That is why I will now always stay by your side and protect you."

She said squeezing my hand and I looked at the ceiling. Something about the way she phrased that line was making me think but it does not matter. I looked behind Tsu- Ai at Natsumi-san. She probably would not even remember what actually happened and it would not be good to get her involved in this mess. Born on a blood moon night at midnight huh?

A blood moon is another name for a total lunar eclipse which is not a scientific term but is used because of the red tinge that the full moon takes. Its occurrence is not that uncommon and can be seen in a span of about two years or so approximately. There would be many people who can be born so I don't think there is anything really special about it except for one fact.

That is if it was a super moon, they are rarer and occur in about four years or so but that is also very common to think about it. The way Ai phrased her sentence means there is something she is hiding from me or what she just said was a complete lie. That is why I decided to take it in with a grain of salt for now. Then another question occurred.

"If my blood is so special, this why am I being attacked now?" I asked her and she put her other hand on mine.

"That is because when you turn sixteen your blood will be the purest and this will continue till you become an adult. You turned sixteen last month, didn't you?" she said to me.

"How do you..."

"Kazuki-kun, I have been watching over you for longer than you can even think so I know everything about you. Even that you have a thing for thighs," she whispered the last part in my ear, and my face heated up. Seeing me, she giggled. "That is why I am saving those for later."

"Now you are either a sadist or a tease."

"I can be both if Kazuki-kun wants to," she said playfully.

"How about you let the both of us rest a little," came a voice from behind.

We both looked behind us and saw Natsumi-san woken up touching her head bandage and then looked at us. I was glad that she was awake and also a little concerned. Did she hear everything about the vampire part? If so, it might be some problem so I put up my best-acting face.

"N-Natsumi-san, since when were you listening?" I asked her averting my gaze. I sounded embarrassed and thankfully it was pretty well done.

"Since the part that you have a thing for thighs, just like your father," she said to me with a chuckle.

"Dad then understands just how superior they are. I am definitely the son of an amazing person," I said letting out a sigh of relief internally.

"Now mind filling me in on what happened that we were here in the hospital? The last thing I remember, you were taking me home after I got drunk. How on earth did I end up in a hospital? Did you jump in front of a truck?"

I started telling her the story filled with lies here and there. I told her that I was taking her home and then a guy pulled us in the alleyway and took out a knife asking for money. I did something really stupid and charged at the guy and he slashed me with the knife on the neck. Then Natsumi-san in her drunk state tried helping me but was hit on the head with the hilt of the knife. Luckily, Ai was nearby and called the police before the matter went out of hand.

I told her that she came here to check on us and she found us when she was going home after hanging out with her friends.

"Hang on, did you just call her by her first name?" she said with a smirk on her face.

"You and I were attacked and are in a hospital. We could have really died and this is what really care about?" I said sighing. "Sometimes I don't understand you at all Natsumi-san."

"I am pretty sure you will say that is part of my charm," she said changing her tone trying to mimic my voice.

"First, that is really an awful attempt to mimic my voice. Second, even if I call her by her first name then what's the big deal? She calls me by my first name too," I said making a sound argument but winning an argument with her is impossible for me.

"Then why is your face red?" she asked me and I realized that my face had a blush on it when I called Ai by her given name. "Tsubaki, take care of Kazuki. He is a good boy."

"Sure sensei," she said in a cheerful voice. "Also, may I know what your relationship with Kazuki-kun is?"

I could feel that there was a hint of jealousy in her voice when she said that.

"I was his mother's best friend. After his parent's death, he had no one left so I became his guardian. If you want some things to woo him, feel free to ask me for it," she said with a grin on her face.

"Hey, don't tell her those things and how do you know that in the first place?" I said slightly agitated.

"Kid, I saw you basically grow up. Your parents have left you with me if they had to go somewhere. Your big sister knows a lot about you," she said and then looked up at the ceiling. "I just want you to be happy. No kid deserves what you got and that is why if there is anything I can do to get the little boy I once knew who never hid his sadness from others, I will do it. That is enough for me."

"Natsumi-san," I said looking at her. She had a soft smile on her face and her facial muscles were relaxed.

"Saying things like this really doesn't suit you."

I heard the sound of knuckles crackling and I looked at Natsumi-san who was the owner of those knuckles.

"I don't know why but have this sudden urge to beat up a boy from my English class who sits in the back looking out the window," she said and I could feel an ominous aura around her.

"Please spare this incompetent fool," I said pulling Ai before me. Don't look at me like that. Natsumi-san can be really scary sometimes.


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