183 Make Me Yours, Adam

A week passed after the kidnapping incident. Andrea informed the headmaster of what happened to Ciel and asked him to keep this news a secret. A compromise was made and they decided to announce that Ciel had to leave the academy for a time due to health reasons.

His classmates thought that the recent changes in Ciel's behavior might have been due to the ailment. The girls sighed in helplessness because their "kind and cheerful Ciel" was not around (These were the times when Kei took control of Ciel's body). 

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Keith, on the other hand, was very worried. He didn't believe that Ciel went away due to medical reasons. When they had watched the movie together, Ciel was at the peak of health. When he asked Kate and Chloe what happened to him, the two refused to give him the answer he wanted, yet didn't want, to hear.

All they said was that Ciel had to go away because a hidden ailment was discovered and it needed to be treated as soon as possible.


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