175 I Hate Scum Like You The Most

Chloe's young and innocent body was revealed in front of the chubby man. Only her undergarments stood in defiance against the man's lecherous gaze. However, this last line of modesty would easily crumble under the man's touch if he so willed it.

"Beautiful, very beautiful," the chubby man said as his hands cupped Chloe's face. It then moved down ever so slowly. It was as if the man was relishing the young girl's smooth and delicate skin under his fingertips. he caressed her neck, her collarbone, as it slowly traveled downwards.

Soon, it arrived at the thin piece of clothing that covered her purity.

"Mine. This is mine," the chubby man muttered softly as he grabbed that soft piece of fabric with the intention to pull it. He wanted to see the treasure that it hid within.

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