The night was dead. Not even the air dared to move to make a breeze. The leaves were still, refusing to dance without the wind tempting them.

The thin, dark cotton managed to cover up the shimmering stars. Even the silver crescent in the black sky could only hide behind the shyly floating clouds.

The night was dead. Even the nocturnal animals dared not make a sound. Instead of going hunting, they chose to hide behind thick grass and sleep to forget about their empty stomachs.

There was only one sound that broke the silence of the night.

"P-please spare my son's life! If you want, you can take my life right now!" A young mother pleaded for her child's safety.

It was a very cold night, but a layer of sweat was glistening on her forehead as she was feeling so frightened right now. She didn't even dare to glance to the side where her husband could no longer move.

Not even a drop of blood was splattered around her husband's body, but the man's face resembled the snow of Winter. No blood, no life, no soul... her husband had died.

Her dark obsidian focused solely on the figure standing a few meters in front of her. The figure was not alone, but he was holding her child.

"Why should I only take you when I can take the two of you?" The figure with dangerous red eyes asked back with an arrogant grin on his face.

His face was also as white as limestone, and the only different color on his face was red in the mouth area. There was no blood splattered around her husband's corpse, but the crimson trace was visible around the lips of the dangerous creature in front of her.

Her body trembled upon hearing the figure's words. Screaming was not an option. Even if she sacrificed her voice until she became mute, no one would save her.

Screams meant danger, and people were very selfish and too fearful to save her even if they were not deaf.

The woman knew that screaming was going to get her nothing, but she screamed anyway in the end. Her shrill scream broke the silence of the night as she watched the creature ruthlessly plunge his sharp fangs into the boy's neck, sucking the child's red blood without hesitation.

Maybe that high-pitched scream really made her mute until she finally fell silent when she saw the figure throwing her child to the ground like trash.

She could only sit weakly on the floor, and she didn't even scream as the figure walked toward her before grabbing her limp body and pressing his sharp fangs against her neck.

A single tear fell down the woman's cheek as she prayed, 'If there is a God, please let me be the last victim of the merciless creatures. Please protect the people of this land.'

And she died after she finished praying to the Gods. Her body fell to the ground, reunited with her husband and child once again.

The red-eyed creature straightened his body while wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Red blood streaked his face, but he didn't care because the red liquid was his favorite.

A smirk spread across his face as he left the modest house that used to be the home of three people. Without a sound, he returned to the darkness.

It seemed that no one had witnessed the tragic end of the family of three, but someone did see the event as she held back her tears.

The one sitting on the crescent moon was the Moon Goddess. Her silver hair waved with the wind in the sky, and her pair of silver eyes were wet with tears as she stared at the lifeless humans within the house.

She witnessed the heartbreaking ending of the three innocent people, but she couldn't do anything about it and could only stare at them from afar.

The Goddess was disturbed. The woman prayed before her death. Pray for protection, pray for herself to be the last victim of the heartless creatures.

And when the Goddess stretched out her hand while closing her eyes, she answered the woman's prayer.

Her body, which was covered in a white dress, glittered along with the crescent moon mark on her forehead.

Silver eyes stared at the ground below her, and she saw several night animals staring at her when they could feel the holy power.

A necklace made of blue gems wrapped around her neck, and it suddenly sparkled with a blue light as she started to speak.

"With the Moon Goddess's blessing, I will turn all the wolves in this land into werewolves who will protect everyone in this land. With the Moon Goddess's blessing, I will also make The Full Moon Land home for all werewolves. All of you will secretly protect the human from the vampires of The Shadowed Land."

The white light that enveloped the Moon Goddess immediately enveloped all the wolves on the mainland before gradually turning them into humans. Not really humans, but they were werewolves who would protect the island.

Hundreds of pairs of blue eyes stared at the Moon Goddess before their owners immediately knelt and acknowledged the Goddess as the owner of their souls.

After completing the task, the white light surrounding the Goddess's body gradually disappeared, the crescent moon mark on the Goddess's forehead stopped shining, and the blue necklace also stopped shimmering.

Smiling at the newly created werewolves on the ground, the Goddess's pair of silver eyes then fixated on one of the werewolves with long white hair. For some reason, she could see the charm in the werewolf's soul.

Pointing her slender finger at the white-haired werewolf, the Goddess said, "I'll give you the name 'Davel,' and from now on, you will become the King of the werewolves and lead your kind to protect mankind. Don't let the vampires from The Shadowed Land splatter blood on this land again."

The white-haired werewolf looked dumbfounded after hearing the Goddess's orders, but then he firmly nodded his head as he replied, "I understand, my Goddess. I will protect mankind with my life from now on."

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