1 Chapter 1

In recent years, as the global temperature has increased year by year, the living environment of bipolar animals has become a hot topic.

As a graduate student in geology, Qiao Qixi had the honor to follow his predecessors to the Arctic to do scientific research.

Just as Qiao Qixi tried to adapt to the scientific research life in the Arctic, a sudden accident caused his scientific research career to be interrupted.

When he woke up again, Qiao Qixi found that he was staying in a wild animal rescue station. The surrounding staff were all European faces and spoke English, while he became a polar bear, the object of people's care and observation.

Qiao Qixi felt dumbfounded that the gears of fate were turning **** ridiculous.

Maybe it was a dream. After waking up from the dream, he would return to the original world. At first, Qiao Qixi thought so, but after two days he was still like a bear, and he accepted that he could no longer become a human being.

Well, even a polar bear must have life pursuits, and can't lose the positive spirit of life just because it becomes an animal.

After Qiao Qixi figured it out, he started to pay attention to himself and his surroundings.

Through his careful observation, it can be known that this is a wild animal rescue station on Arctic Greenland, and he is a polar bear rescued due to an injury. He is less than two years old this year. Strictly speaking, he cannot live alone without his mother Polar bear.

When humans discovered it, there were no traces of other polar bears around. From this, it can be judged that this young male polar bear has left its mother.

Polar bears that leave their mothers too early have limited survivability in the wild, especially when the polar environment is getting worse and worse, the survival rate of young polar bears is very low.

Fortunately, in recent years, polar animal protection institutions have become more and more perfect, and every year they try to protect newborn polar bears as much as possible.

Although it is unreasonable for humans to interfere with the natural ecological cycle of wild animals, there are fewer and fewer polar bears in existence. According to statistics, there are currently only more than 20,000 polar bears in the world, so people can't watch the polar bears go extinct.

As the world's largest land carnivore, this young and tall polar bear with white fur is unexpectedly popular among conservation agencies. People even named him Alexander.

I have to say that this name is a really bad street.

Being able to come to the polar region to participate in scientific research shows that Qiao Qixi's English level is good, so he can know a lot of information from the small chats of the staff.

For example, the rescue station rescued an injured polar bear in the past two days, and it seems to be very critical when it is being rescued by ICU.

It makes people wonder, is the loss rate of polar bears so high?

There is no need to ask, Qiao Qixi himself knows better that the living environment of polar bears is indeed not optimistic.

After he is healed, he will return to the snowy polar land and start begging for life. It feels cold to think about it.

Seeing for a moment, the hopeless Qiao Qixi felt that it would be good to stay in the rescue station for the rest of his life.

But this is impossible.

After he is well injured, the rescue station will release him. At most, a GPS locator is installed on his body to facilitate observation of his next life.

Polar bears are not afraid of cold but are afraid of heat, so the staff arranged a semi-outdoor residence for Alexander, that is, Qiao Qixi.

It's pretty big.

At present, Qiao Qixi lives alone with a bear.

If it is a pure wild polar bear, he will walk in the snow twice a day to cool off, but Qiao Qixi is not. He likes to stay indoors, take a nap when he is full, and when he wakes up, he will lie on the rocks and watch the outside. Snow, in short, just don't go out for a stroll.

How thick the snow is, it looks cold.

Who loves to go for a stroll, whoever goes for a stroll, won't go anyway.

It is precise because of his lazy appearance that the staff always think that he has not healed yet, and they are happy to raise him.

After all, in the hearts of foreigners, mental illness is also a serious illness and needs to be paid attention to.

So the question is, what kind of psychological trauma did Alexander suffer?

The staff has speculated that the reason for Alexander's unhappiness was due to the lack of maternal love at a young age, that is, he missed his mother.

Some people have speculated that this young polar bear likes to be lively and longs for the company of companions.

No, I just want to eat and die here, nothing more.

Some people say that this kind of monotonous life will not be boring

Qiao Qixi smiled and said nothing. He felt that those who thought this way must have never tried the joy of being a pig.

There is no academic pressure, no work pressure, no mortgage or car loan, and no inheritance and happiness.

In a blink of an eye, the carefree days passed for half a month.

It's the day of Qiao Qixi's physical examination.

Given his docile personality and very friendly staff, in the past two months, everyone has completely trusted this young polar bear with a good temper.

When the staff came to arrange for him to have a medical examination, he opened the door and let him walk freely outside.

Qiao Qixi followed a staff member docilely and went to the other end of the rescue station to check his body.

Along the way, he occasionally saw other animals in cages, and these animals were very alert to his appearance.

This is the instinctive reaction of the weak to the strong. After all, polar bears can be called the hegemon in the polar regions.

In order not to frighten the other animals, Qiao Qixi had to withdraw his curious gaze. This action let the staff breathe a sigh of relief.

Young polar bears are curious babies, and they are very interested in new things.

Fortunately, this one is very obedient.

Qiao Qixi twisted his big furry ass, slowly walked into the examination room reserved for him, and then accepted the examination obediently. Unsurprisingly, his wound has healed, and he even gained weight.

It can be released into the wild.

Hearing the staff seriously discussing the release plan, Qiao Qixi only felt like a bolt from the blue

Seeing what others mean, is his pension plan going to be ruined?

Please don't! Joe Qixi shouted in his heart.

Seriously, what's the matter with such a big rescue station and one more bear?

In short, Qiao Qixi didn't want to leave, he had no experience of survival in the wild, and going out was death.

After coming out of the examination room, Qiao Qixi had been depressed, even eating very little lunch, looking very sick.

He overheard the staff say that the reason why he should be released so quickly is that the polar bear who lives in ICU has survived and needs to vacate his residence for the other party.

It's too much, isn't it plain that he occupies the pit and doesn't shit?

And the house is so spacious, it's not impossible to live with two bears.

Well, Qiao Qixi knows that polar bears have a strong sense of territory, and the people at the rescue station will put them together when they are crazy.

However, Alexander is not in good spirits, and it is not a very wise choice to send him back to the wild.

After careful consideration, the rescue station decided to divide Alexander's residence into two, separating them by a wall.

Qiao Qixi, who pretended to be ill, bubbling happily, but still didn't dare to open his belly to eat that night. He was afraid that he would behave too much, so the rescue station would send him away again.

In short, a meal tests acting.

The bear that came out of ICU was sent over the next morning, and it made a lot of noise.

Qiao Qixi smelled a powerful invader next door, and soon a strong male polar bear appeared in his mind.

Polar bears have a very developed sense of smell, which can be called the best of animals because they can find food on the ice.

If there are any natural enemies of polar bears, they are polar bears that are stronger than themselves.

Avoiding strange polar bears stronger than himself is the instinct of polar bears, so Qiao Qixi is very scared of the polar bear next door. This is his instinct after becoming a polar bear.

However, he is still the soul of human beings, no matter how powerful the smell can stop his curiosity.

So he approached the stone wall that was built only yesterday and lay on the crack to peek at the new neighbor over there.

In response to adult male polar bears, even if the opponent is injured, the staff dare not care.

They brought the cage in, opened it remotely, and then pulled the cage out and closed the door.

This injured adult male polar bear was about four years old and he was very large, but he was a little thin because of the injury.

Despite this, his aura and eyes still reveal a terrifying ferocity and wildness.

Qiao Qixi bet that the heyday of this male polar bear weighed at least 800 kilograms, hey, huge.

What is the concept of weighing 800 kg?

Even when it is usually on the ground with all four feet, the height can reach about 1.6 meters, and it can be as high as about 2.8 meters when standing upright.

Qiao Qixi glanced at herself, suddenly full of expectations for her Xiongsheng.

The residence is relatively small, and the giant polar bear quickly turns around in his territory. From his slow pace, it is not difficult to find that his body is still very weak.

When the giant passed by the wall, he stopped to sniff, and Qiao Qixi backed away in fear, slid off, and returned to the room to sleep.

The new polar bear has already smelled the existence of another polar bear on the other side of the wall.

You can even tell the age and strength of the opponent from the smell.

If they are much weaker than themselves, they usually don't care.

In the wild, there are two situations where male polar bears will kill strange polar bear cubs.

One situation is starvation, they will hunt their kind, and polar bear cubs are the easiest target to be killed.

The other is for reproduction.

Female polar bears do not come into estrus during their cubs, and male polar bears want to mate and can only kill the cubs of polar bears to induce female polar bears to enter estrus again.

Therefore, polar bear cubs will avoid strange male polar bears. This is an instinct carved into genes.

And Qiao Qixi dared to lie on the wall to peep, just because he was not a pure polar bear, otherwise, he would have been scared to hide.

The adult polar bear stayed by the wall for a while, and then returned to the room to lie down to rest. As Qiao Qixi with a keen sense of hearing, he could hear the other party's abnormal breathing and the smell of injury on his body.

At noon, the staff came to observe the condition of the injured polar bear and deliver food. They found that although they were very cautious, the other party hid early.

A staff member said, "Even though Odis is injured, he still has a keen sense of smell and hearing."

When Qiao Qixi heard their conversation, he felt a little unbalanced. What happened? The name next door was Odis of Diao Zhuangtian, and he was Alexander of Rotten Street, double-labeled.

In terms of the acuity of the five senses, he is not bad.

And Odis means sharp, sassy, and handsome.

Soon after, Qiao Qixi also got food. The recipe can only say that it is a very polar bear, some marine fish, lively marine fish.

Qiao Qixi never killed fish when he was a human, and never eats uncooked food, including sashimi.

However, in the past half a month, to survive, he has gradually adapted to this recipe and has not resisted eating raw fish. After all, the taste buds of polar bears are there, and fresh live fish are full of tempting to him.

Qiao Qixis's only dissatisfaction is that if there are more types of fish, he will get tired if he eats the same kind every day.

Through the monitor of the polar bears' residence, the staff of the rescue station watched their every move.

Alexander's appetite is pretty good today, and it seems that he has not been affected by the arrival of the new neighbor next door, which relieves the staff a lot.

They originally planned to send Alexander away, but now it seems that there is no need to be in such a hurry.

It is too difficult for young polar bears with little life experience to survive in the wild, and accidents may happen even to strong players like Odis.

"Odis seems to have no appetite." A staff member looked at the surveillance and said with some worry.

"It is different from young polar bears. It is more vigilant." His colleagues chatted with him. As a professional rescue organization, they have to rescue countless polar bears in a year, and they have a good understanding of the habits of polar bears...

"Well, I believe that life in captivity is difficult for him to accept." But there is no way.

The staff sighed, "It seems that we need to release it into the wild as soon as possible."

"But it was seriously injured and could only stay at the rescue station for a short time." Everyone said worriedly.

Odis was indeed very resistant to this strange and cramped environment, it was full of complicated smells, it was not a place he liked, and he could only stay here when he was weak.

Holding a vigilant mood until the time to eat the next meal, Otis slowly got up, walked to the place where the food was placed and started eating.

It is April, and the Arctic Circle has just passed along the polar night, ushering in a polar day for more than five months.

As the Arctic Circle has been snowing for most of the year, it is not surprising that there is heavy snow this month.

Qiao Qixi had already slept indoors because now there is only day and no night. For him, snow is the best time to sleep.

When the wind and snow were the most raging, the wall standing between them collapsed at the last corner.

Qiao Qixi woke up in a dream, but he was at a loss and didn't know what had happened, so he changed his posture and curled up, and continued to sleep.

Otis, who was not asleep, raised his head and looked at the moving corner.

However, the wind and snow outside were so great that the polar bears with poor eyesight could not see what was going on.

After the wind and snow, it seemed that it was already the next morning, and the sun shoved away from the clouds and radiated tenderly, and the white snow exuded a faint light.

Qiao Qixi, who is too lazy to be juicy, decided to go out to increase exercise after breakfast.

As a polar bear less than two years old, the hair on his body is very white, and he looks 90% new.

When he walks on the thick snow, the picture is very beautiful, but unfortunately, he can't witness it with his own eyes. Even if he wears it as a polar bear, he can't satisfy his desire to lure a polar bear.

However, when Qiao Qixi saw the collapsed gap, his whole bear was stunned, ah this

Although Qiao Qixi himself is a polar bear, he has not watched polar bears up close, so the first reaction to seeing this gap was not afraid, but excitedly leaning his bear head over, Kangkangs own. New neighbor.

Odis was taking a nap, smelling the scent of a young polar bear. He lifted his eyelids and raised his head. Then he saw a bear head stuck on the wall 20 meters away.

The injured Odis was very alert. He regarded Qiao Qixi as an intruder, so he barked his teeth and issued a deep and deep warning sound from his throat.

The polar bear's voice is very strong, and the low-frequency sound he emits can easily make people feel scared.

Qiao Qixi was a little scared and immediately retracted his head, only showing half of his face to observe the other party.

And the consequences of what he did, seemed to have caused this adult male polar bear to be extremely dissatisfied, and the giant who seemed to have a bad temper came towards him.

Qiao Qixi couldn't help being afraid of death, and quickly retracted the two bear paws resting on the wall, turned his head, and jumped back to his hut.

Odis stood in front of the collapsed gap, stood quietly for a while, then lowered his head and sniffed the smell that Qiao Qixi left on the wall.

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