3 last messege

He reached the old house of yousef to find the third message on the doorstep

Open it carefully, lest it crease in the hands


Hello again, it looks like this is the last message

I have rewritten it perhaps more than five times and I still can't find what to say exactly

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So I will say what crosses my mind

When I got to France, I really wanted u with me, you know, that country is really charming

Especially Paris, a lovers' favorite place

Initially studying business administration as my father imposed on me

But then, after a deep reflection - it did not take an hour - I called him and told him, Damn you, put the business administration in your ass.


I can't imagine his reaction so as expected he cut me off the money so I called again and this time he disowned me.

So I started working with a pretty girl named Jesse in a barbershop

She was the one who forced me to dye my hair for the first time

And at the same time I registered to study Psychology

Another friend named Noumi helped me obtain French citizenship through a fake marriage

After working with Jesse for a while I opened my own salon. You know everyone told me that I am talented in showing their beautiful side

I studied what I wanted and got an apartment as I had always wanted, overlooking the Eiffel Tower

The price was great too, but it was worth it

My life is so perfect there but it always came to me wanting to see you again

going on another date and Kissing you one last time

So when I could muster up some courage I grabbed my bag and headed to the airport straight for you

Just for ask you ..


The dots were the last thing in the message, So he turned the paper over maybe find something else, but nothing

The other side was completely white

He doesn't know why yousef is doing this foolishness now, after all these years, but a small note on the door caught his interest, "Open me."

He did this to find that the house just as it had been , went to the kitchen the source of the singing, And as he had expected from yousef

From place to place just like a bee While singing soolking song


He suddenly stopped singing, to turn around after hearing his footsteps with the biggest smile he had

Well not his mouth who smiled, just somehow his eyes formed a beautiful arc with a sparkle tell u he is really happy now

" Tu es venu "(You came)

For a while jude loses his voice, he can do anything just for pause the time here and meditate on hem

"Asseyez-vous, je vais vous chercher du thé."(Sit down, I'll get you tea)

"You know that I can hardly speak my mother tongue until I understand another language, so go ahead and speak Arabic" He sighed after his speech, know that the other person was doing it on purpose

But what can he do? Only thank the school for teaching them French, even if he does not focus on lessons, but at least he can understand in some way

"Oh Jude is still not impatient as always "Poured a cup of tea to put in front of him" I made some cake"

Hurry to remove it from the oven after it is ready to release the pleasant smell that makes anyone's saliva drool

he put it on a shelf, and before he turned around to complete the conversation with him, Jude surprised him with hug

"What did you want to say to me in letters?"

"You really don't have any patience," yousef murmured as he put the cakes on a plate

"Eat first, then we'll talk"

"I will not repeat my question again," What did u want to see? "Jude put a hand on a hand with an eyebrow raised to show his position

"You're still stubborn too. What if you don't like my words, the cakes are gone for nothing?" He answered him with a kind of sarcasm, looking at the cake that you need half a day to make - it lies just an hour.

"I'll eat it anyway," he raised his shoulders in disinterest

Today, where was what Yousef wanted to say would not let him slip out of his hands again

maybe he will not be allowed out of the house until he loses the ability to walk

He advanced from him until he felt his breath on his face, leaning to the other's ear and whispering, "What if I told you that I still love you, will you keep eating it?"

" no" He saw signs of sadness flashing on his face, so he smiling malice

"Sorry, I shouldn't have said it." yousef quickly got away from Jude

To take the glass of water placed on the table to drink from it while pouring half of it because of the involuntary tremor of his hand

"It's been five years. Surely your feelings for me will change.. You're married now, right?" Youssef took a sneaky look at the ring in his hand, to deny jude his marriage

"so betrothed " he said under his breath, planting a smile on his lips and taking a plate of cake and stuffing it in the fridge.

"Looks like I'm going to have it on my own today, how are you anyway?" He just tried to act like an old friend to gossip about whatever came to his mind trying to hide the tension he was in right now.

"Okay, I'm hungry," Jude answered easily, with a strange smile on his face

"You said now that you would not eat cake." yousef's tone was filled with astonishment, especially since the smile on his ex-boyfriend's face did not bode well.

"Yes, because I'm going to eat you." Jude stood up from the chair and quickly walked over to yousef and kissed his lips with a wild kiss that made him feel bliss again.