1 To Cover the Top or the Bottom

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The most daring thing Qian Tao had done in her entire life was to plot against the most authoritative man in Sea City—Mr. Li Hengzhi.

In a dim luxurious room, clothes scattered on the floor and the focus slowly switched to a wide double bed where two bodies were tangled followed by a switch in position. 

The man's powerful hands caught hold of her delicate arms and laid another wave of continuous kisses all over her skin. 

When her breath became extremely ambiguous, a few words flashed through Qian Tao's mind. 

Gu Tong asked her, "Is it worthwhile?"

She said, "Yes."

He asked her again, "Any regrets?"

She said no.

"Ouch!" A jab of pain broke her train of thought. Qian Tao laid on the soft pillow while her face was full of sweat. She dug her nails into his back to distract herself from the pain.

In the dark, the man whispered into her ear in his deep, husky voice. "First time?"

He had such a lovely voice, deep, with unmasked sexiness. Bit by bit, it struck her racing heart.

Qian Tao squinted. Lights from the back made his face look more three dimensional. His features were amazingly nice and attractive. Every part of him was flawless, as if he was carved by the gods. 

She had not seen such a good-looking man before.

Her blurry reply was drowned in his charm.


The next morning, Qian Tao awoke early. She felt the *** on her pillow and took a sip of water. The man beside her was awake and a moment after that, she heard the sound of water from the bathroom.

'Qian Tao, oh Qian Tao, you are so despicable. Does Li Hengzhi know?'

The sound of the bathroom door opening brought her back to her senses. Nervously, she wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes.

This scene was captured by Li Hengzhi's eyes. He looked at the woman who was curled up in the blanket with a stoic and serious expression and said, "I was drunk last night." 

Qian Tao took a deep breath. Her heart was throbbing rapidly. She got down from the bed and picked up her long evening gown from the floor.

Li Hengzhi did not expect that she would suddenly get up from bed. When he saw her naked body that morning, his pupil dilated.

Qian Tao covered her body with her evening gown. She picked up the other pieces of clothes from the floor and murmured, "I was drunk too. Don't worry, Mr. Li. I'm a grown up and I'll be responsible for my own actions. You did not force me so I'll forget what happened last night pretty quickly."

Qian Tao walked toward the bathroom and when she walked past Li Hengzhi, she was pulled into his arms. His sudden gesture made her drop the clothes she was holding onto the floor and she felt tense. 

He had a bath towel around his bottom half but she had nothing on!

Nervously, she tried to cover her body with one hand but should she cover her top or her bottom? Then, she heard Li Hengzhi's voice from above, "I've seen your whole body, what else is there to hide?"

Qian Tao blushed.

Last night was her first time. She was still naïve and did not have much experience in society. It was also her first time meeting a man face to face naked. Although she knew it was a plot, standing face to face in that position, she couldn't help but close her eyes and turned her face. 

'Qian Tao, how dare you plot against Li Hengzhi with this behavior? You ruined the effect of last night's alcohol!'

Li Hengzhi tilted her jaw and forced her to look at him. "When did I say I won't be responsible?"

Qian Tao's eyes widened.


She didn't need him to be responsible. All she needed was…


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