You For Eternity Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

You For Eternity

Qian Tao

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The most daring thing Qian Tao had done in her entire life was to plot against the most authoritative man in Sea City—Mr. Li Hengzhi. Eventually, she became a victim of her own wittiness and became Mrs. Li. That night, Qian Tao continued putting up a stiff resistance. “Mr. Li, don’t be too serious, it’s only a contract marriage.” *** Little Zhen Tai pulled Qian Tao’s sleeve and said, “Someone asked me to tell you that you are divorcing without getting anything. Stealing me means you are breaching the contract and he can sue you. You won’t win the lawsuit. Qian Tao narrowed her eyes and smiled faintly, “Please tell him that you are not his son.” “She said, I’m not…” Mr. Li finally flew into a rage. “I want him for sure!” “Sorry Mr. Li, we are divorced, we don’t owe each other anything.”