1 The deadly blue eyes

Chloe's POV

I was running in this forest again,why do I always end up here whenever I slept? will I see him today?will he stay longer than before

I instantly stopped when I saw him,

it's him,I said,he was looking at me desperately,I wanted him to explain why I was always here whenever I slept but my mouth didn't move

is he going to disappear again?I asked myself

I can see his deadly blue eyes sparkling under the bright moon,his face was covered with a mask but with his features,he is clearly handsome

Chloe,he faintly called my name as he vanish into the thin air

I looked around the forest, I'm I going to keep seeing him in my dreams,I thought as I was brought back to the real world


it's the dream again,I said as I looked around my empty room

I have been staying here for the past few months,the room was old and shabby and the only thing there was a table and a chair with a small bed and the bags that my clothes are in

Who is this man that keep appearing in my dreams?is it a dream or my past or something that is real?it felt so real ,I thought,haa,I screamed as I remembered I have to go to work

when will I rest in my life? when will I get rich and have everything I wished for?I asked myself

Work harder and get rich,get a good job with a good salary,I told myself

I have been working as a waitress in a restaurant since two months now

I instantly stood up, took my bath and head out

Author's POV

You are late,Jack said

Chloe slowly looked at Jack whom she really dislike and said

The bus came late

The bus is always late,pttf,he scoffed

Is that your problem? Chloe said and walk away from him

Jack was a waiter in the same restaurant with her,he loves poking his nose in other people's business which Chloe found rude and foolish

According to Jack,he believed Chloe to be a psychopath because she does her thing in different ways

Chloe is a weird person that don't like being controlled,she don't like people interfering in her business and she doesn't poke her nose in other people's business

She doesn't have any friends and she didn't want to,she hates company and she hate people calling her name

She is a simple girl but she is strong-minded and hardheaded,she is beautiful and she has a gold crystal eye that make her seem different like she is from heaven

After work,she went to the bus station and she bumped into someone

Are you blind?the man said

Chloe didn't bother to say anything and walk away

The man grabbed her hand

Apologize,the man coldly said

You called me blind and want me to apologise,dream on cause I'm not going to say sorry

Tough, right?I like that, the man said not minding the eyes of the passersby

Chloe jerked off his hand and walk her way

She remembered her dream again

Am I going to see him today? she asked herself as she entered the bus

In another dimension was a man that never knew who he was or where he came from but he remembered something "Chloe"

where did I get the name from?he asked himself,who am i and what I'm doing here?

Then he saw a bright light that is spherical in shape,he had the urge to enter the light, when he was about to,he heard someone said


he looked back only to find an old man that looks healthy

who are you?the man said

Your question should be who you are,the old man said,you've got the urge to right? the old man asked

The man just stood there without answering the man

You are just like the demon that created you,the old man said,just as cold as your father,he added

My father?he asked fixing his gaze on the old man

Yep,He erased your memory and brought you here,You are a demon,you are from hell,You are from a place where there is no love,peace except for hate, destruction, affliction and many more,he said, since you got the urge you have to go to the human world,he added

The old man slowly touched his forehead and all his memories came back without any hindrance

He knew who he was where he came from and where he belonged to

He is Roshan,he belonged to hell,he is wicked and he is one of the demon that has higher rank but why did he end up in the abandoned forest and why did he end up forgetting who he was?

it's time for a little payback,he said as he entered the human world


David,whose demon name was Roshan had the ability to manipulate and teleport

When he got to the human world,he went to his mermaid friend who was a female to collect back all his wealth

See who is here, Annalisa said,how did you come back?she asked playfully

Annalisa was a mermaid but she can transform into human form,she is so beautiful in the bikini she wore

No questions,you know I hate questions,he said,my wealth,I want it back,he added

is this how you suppose to behave to a friend that kept all your wealth and properties when you were send to the abandoned forest?she pouted her lips

Annalisa,he roared,be quick ,I have to plan my revenge quick,I guess they didn't know I'm back,he said

Come with me , Annalisa finally said

David collected all his wealth and properties and head back to where he stayed

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