1 Prologue

The 25th of December

We are here to celebrate the Olympics 2024 because our country has won several gold medals. Congratulations, Olympians; you have done Japan proud.

In other news, Uesugi Fuutarou, the murderer in the Nakano family's murder accident, has been released and is currently on trial. Itsuki Nakano, the only survivor, is recovering and working as a high school teacher.

Dr. Nakano, the siblings' father, says he does not want to discuss the murder.

What remains is the disappearance of the four sisters who were dug in the cemetery while Uesugi was in prison; not even the criminal was aware of the sisters' disappearance, and he was bailed out after good behaviour despite the lack of evidence.

The main topic of discussion in Japan is where the sisters are. What became of them? Is Fuutarou Uesugi a part of this? And what's next for the Nakanos?

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