1 She Is Destined To Die

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"Ahhh…" Mo Yun's fingers dug deeply into the bedsheets as she let out a pained groan, her face soaked with sweat. 

Her already pale face contorted into a mask of anguish as she desperately tried to tolerate the pain wracking her body.

Xiao Mo could only stand by Mo Yun's bedside, helplessly and quietly, his face full of worry as he watched his mother suffer.

"Mommy, does it hurt a lot? Do you want me to blow on the pain and make it go away?"

"It's fine, my son. Mommy's okay…." Mo Yun did her best to feign a calm expression, not wanting her son to continue agonizing with worry about her condition. 

Ever since she had been hospitalized, Xiao Mo had constantly accompanied her. He had stayed by her bedside for an entire year.

He had witnessed all the times she had been in pain and his heart broke every time he saw her suffer.

At this point, she had already lost everything, but if she could have one last wish in this life, it was to not bring any more pain and fear to her son. 

"Really? Is Mommy okay?" Xiao Mo tilted his head slightly, his loving eyes filled with worry.

"Yes, I'm alright." Mo Yun smiled faintly and tried to prop her body into a sitting position. As she did so, the nurse Xiao Xue opened the hospital ward's door and entered.

"Mrs Hao, what are you doing?Are you trying to get a glass of water?" Seeing Mo Yun trying to sit up, Xiao Xue hurriedly went to support her, afraid that Mo Yun would be even more uncomfortable.

As a nurse, Xiao Xue could be said to be very capable and had unceasingly cared for Mo Yun over the past year, to the point that one would be left with nothing but words of admiration over her care of Mo Yun.

Of course, this was not because she was very compassionate but rather because Hao Yansen had given her an extremely generous salary and had ordered all the hospital employees to be meticulous when taking care of Mo Yun.

Under Hao Yansen's arrangement, Mo Yun had received the very best treatment and care. However, her condition continued to deteriorate as the days and months passed. Now her illness had reached an incurable phase, reducing her into a sickly, withered husk of her former self.

From very early on, she had known without a shadow of a doubt that she would die from her illness, yet as the day approached, she could not feel a shred of hesitation or grief plaguing her.

Before meeting Hao Yansen, she had no affection for this world. But after their faithful meeting, she felt the heavens had finally taken pity on her, rewarding her with love and warmth.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Fate is a tricky thing and she was soon struck down with illness. As her heart grew weaker by the day, she knew she was destined to die.

No matter how deep one's affection may lay, it still could not withstand the torture of having a loved one suffer. It is said that "There is no filial son before the sickbed," naturally, it applied to lovers as well.

Hao Yansen was destined to soar like a phoenix in the future and would not be held back by a sickly woman like her. Even if they were husband and wife, he would not stop for her.

He had stopped visiting weeks ago and, for all she knew, he had already long forgotten about her. He might even want her to die more quickly, ridding himself of baggage like her.

Mo Yun was still pained by his change of heart, but she had long since seen through the selfishness and heartlessness of human nature, and she still had the strength to bear this pain.

She had lost her faith in life and no longer bore any lingering affection towards the world, patiently waiting for death to claim her into its embrace. 

However, the heavens refused to fulfill her wish, saddling her with a half-crippled body that hung on the brink of death.

She was going to die soon anyway, so to her living a few days more or not made no difference. 

With these dark thoughts plaguing her mind, Mo Yun did not notice that Hao Yansen had quietly entered her ward.

Xiao Xue had long since noticed his conspicuously tall frame entering the room, but she did not let out a word of greeting. She respectfully nodded her head towards him in acknowledgement and quietly left the room upon realizing his desire for her to do so.

It was only when Hao Yansen started approaching her bedside that Mo Yun finally noticed his presence. 

Her sharp nose could usually pick up on his unique scent from a distance and in that instant, Mo Yun wrinkled her eyebrows, but her expression changed to one of indifference in the very next moment.

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