You are my new dream Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

You are my new dream


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He once believed in love and relationships. He gave a chance to marriage, he didn’t wanted to but he did. But Fate cheated him and now he doesn’t believe in anything. Once who thought relations are real now he thinks all is game of money and power. Besides coldness, ruthlessness and hatred. Deep down he is afraid to “DREAM”. Will he overcome this fear and commit love? She is the wholeness of purity and innocence. She is crazy and kiddish but mature enough. She thinks love is one thing that binds all kinds of relation together. Who thinks love can heal the pain and sorrow. Who believes in fate. She admires him very much. She comes to know that he has shut is heart in a shell and lives a cold life. She decides to make his pain go away. She can’t see him like that. Why? What the reason? Why is she feel so connected to him? Why she wants to make him happy? Unknown to both, they have met many years before at a very crucial stage of their life. Both held the memory of each other. Fate had long ago joined them in a scared bond of life time. They just need to find out.


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