You Are My Colour Palette Book

novel - Romance

You Are My Colour Palette


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" When I'm ready, will you listen to me?" He looks at the woman in front of him " I will wait as long as it takes just for you" -------------- Lee Jun Ting is an anti-social king and also a sole heir to the Lee family, Zhou Qin Yang is smart, sharp tongue and friendly but comes from a poor family and has an abusive father. Somehow these two still get along with each other even with completely different worlds. To them, as long the presence for each other is enough for them to feel like home. 7 years ago, she left him without a warning. He never got to tell his feelings nor did she manage to tell her to him. They then met each other again. Watch Lee Jun Ting and Zhou Qin Yang unfold their feelings they kept for 7 years, and their struggles to be together. ________________ Art cover commission work by syachiiro


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