You Are My Colour Palette
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You Are My Colour Palette


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What is You Are My Colour Palette

Read You Are My Colour Palette novel written by the author Springtofu on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Romance stories, covering romance. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


" When I'm ready, will you listen to me?" He looks at the woman in front of him " I will wait as long as it takes just for you" -------------- Lee Jun Ting is an anti-social king and also a sole heir to the Lee family, Zhou Qin Yang is smart, sharp tongue and friendly but comes from a poor family and has an abusive father. Somehow these two still get along with each other even with completely different worlds. To them, as long the presence for each other is enough for them to feel like home. 7 years ago, she left him without a warning. He never got to tell his feelings nor did she manage to tell her to him. They then met each other again. Watch Lee Jun Ting and Zhou Qin Yang unfold their feelings they kept for 7 years, and their struggles to be together. ________________ Art cover commission work by syachiiro


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The story’s great. The writing also improves along the way, or rather it takes shape? At first, the way it was written was as if looking at a dream, somewhat hazy. But it starts to sort of clear up? Well, other than that, there are some grammatical errors and it almost seems as if it’s being typed on a phone with auto correct on. You might want to read it through and check for errors before posting.


One of my favourite novel .. always eagerly waiting for the update n love the characters n the sort of story plot it's amazing.. no Melo drama r related things are happening ... It literally hook up the readers to look forward with positive response n feedbacks... Love u loadssssssss dear author springtofu😍😍😘😍😘😍😘


The story is interesting. I like the quotes in the beginning of chapters. The author is eventually improving from the grammatical errors but still it's good. I look forward to more updates because people lose interest if the updates are slow. More power to the author for updating chapters along with managing studies.


Hi author... i, going to read this it has a nice and smooth start even in the synopsis... nice way of writing this even it is a bit lack but i bet this will be popular very soon... thanks for creating this novel... we readers are greatful that you create something like this...😁😁😁. 😁. I support this novel... gook luck author-san.... *fighting....👍👍👍💞💞💞💞💞


The development is slow but I wish you would update more.. One chapter a day is torturing for a reader like me. It's a good story to read anyways


Amazing story line!!!! I can totally feel what the characters are feeling. I can visualize where they are and how they are moving. I couldn't believe that such a good story existed. It is better then most TV shows honestly😊.


This is a great story and the writing has improved a lot more as your reading and that her father deserves whatever is coming his way because what he did was unforgivable I would not forgive him for anything.


A va han tha thuai thuai ve. Story poh very ngaihnawm and a changtute poh very good. Mahse ka read peihlo ber hi ni buaithlak chu. Ka story lutuk ania


The story is evolving nicely. There are some grammar errors but that's should be normal because the author is always trying to please us by giving us more updates. These are actually some words to the author : your story is amazing and just one of the best works of art I have ever read. Also don't rush, take your time on chapters. I am not saying this in a negative way. What I want to say is you don't need to rush chapters. Continue this beautiful story💜💜


pleeeaaassseee update po pleeeaaasseee slamat sa magandang story good job our dear author more power good health ingat palagi sana patuloy pa din kayo sa paggawa ng magandang kwento at sana po laging me kasunod hehehe medyo nabibitin po maganda po kasi salmat


I really would recommend this to my friends. It's a good story. Author, please update more.. I really can't stop reading. I would keep giving you my power stones


The book is very interesting ,easy to read and comprehend . I really like the author writing style and she is incredibly good with words. I will give the writer a 10/10 for a hood job put together. I am personally looking forward to the remaining chapters as it's unfolding.


I'm glad the author didn't drop the story. I feel like the author is jist having a hard time. I wish most of the readers could understand that writing a novel isn't a easy thing. Keep up the good work other, I look forward for more from the FL and ML


The story is going great but ending it hanging is not soo very nice and polite. I hope the author will finish it properly. Coz if not chances are all your stories will just be the same nice flowing and ending them abruptly as if in a rush without proper ending just to say THE STORY ENDS. Why u will start a new story if u have rushed this one.better think of a proper ending and finish it before focusing on new story.


So so interesting,please author keep up the good work, and mass chapter updates if you dont mind. This story is mind boggling and quite interesting, cant wait for more pls!!


I just love this novel very much And I strongly recommend that you to read it Because once you start reading it U will fall in love with it


I just love this novel very much And I strongly recommend that you to read it Because once you start reading it U will fall in love with it


This is just amazing starting I feel sad for the girl really hard to read that time but later on she got her life partner seems just like story has taken new turn....just liked it


This is novel is really very good I like to read ...hope author update more and more chapters.... thank you for your hardwork....😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


Tqs for this novel author I just love this one too And I strongly recommend that you to read it Because once you start reading it U will fall in love with it


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