1 Hey.. Yeon soo

It was raining. She was running downstairs. Her hair was brownish and curly. It was all drenched. It fell till her hip. She had a pointed nose and red lips. Her eyes were blue. Someone was chasing her. Hey, yeon soo! Kim yeon soo! Its enough stop there... It was her mom.

Can't you obey my words. How many times I should tell you that it is not good for you to play in rain. She said that in a harsh voice. She was 30 years old. She lost her husband and her father in law in an accident 2 years ago. She was frustrated with her life after she lost the ones who were very precious to her. Now, all that she has is her only daughter kim yeon soo who was seven years old.

Yeon soo: mom, I like to dance so much. Do you know how much I get excited when I dance in rain. I just love it.

Mom: yeon soo can you just stop blabbering..... Enough come and eat dinner.

(she said so irritatedly)

Yeon soo: okk.... (in a calm tone)

While eating

Yeon soo: wow... This ramen look so well..

Mom: stop talking and eat soon. Did you finish your homework.

Yeon soo:well... That is....

Mom: yeon soo.. Why are you doing like this? All the teachers were shouting when I come to school. They say you were always playing and dancing in the class and not listening to any of them.

Yeon soo: mom, I just love ballet. I wanna become a ballerina.


(after a while of silence)

Yeon soo went to sleep

Kim hae soo went to her bedroom. She opened the closet and took an old box which was full of dust. She opened it and slowly placed her hands on the pictures in the box. Tears slowly run down her cheeks..

Ha ru! She called in a grumbled voice. Where are you... What happened to you.... Why did you leave me... She cried very badly.

To be continued..

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