You are Loki, you are in the marvel. Now. Book

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You are Loki, you are in the marvel. Now.


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Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfiction (at least initially). I warn you right away that the authors of the cinematic universe are hating from the bottom of their hearts and this will be reflected in the text, however, there are characters there that are very worthy of attention and respect, as well as individual films that we liked. In general, we will try to convey all our Pain, kill everyone we don't like, and at the same time create something useful, respecting the original. If someone does not like this input, there is a very effective method of Special Couch Magic, which will avoid negative emotions and impressions. No, do not get drunk to death before reading, although it may also work, but there is a method that is brighter and more magical in every sense: do not read. Just take it, and don't read this text. I know that this truth is not available to everyone, but now I have discovered it and many people have got a chance for salvation. Let's wish them good luck! Now the specifics in the text: GG is a hit in Loki. And that's all you need to know. = ^ __ ^ = Fickbook text: https://ficbook.net/readfic/10668409 Text on Authortudey: https://author.today/work/125992 There was a translator with you :P


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