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You're DEAD!


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What is You're DEAD!

You're DEAD! is a popular web novel written by the author red_grapes, covering VAMPIRE, OVERPOWERED-MALE-LEAD, ACTION, MODERN, OVERPOWERED FEMALE LEAD, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 41.1K readers with an average rating of 4.85/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 37 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


This is a Fantasy-Action-Mystery Novel. Clueless OP Female Lead in Modernity? 300 years old ancient vampire? Badass FL and ML? Slow or unhurried romance? Mysteries and hidden secrets? Battles between Humans and Vampires? The story concentrates on mystery, action, secrets, powers, interactions, and a little bit of comedy. If you like a touch of romance, this will be a slow one. The main story will pick up and start from Chapter 21- Chapter 22, it will get more interesting thereafter. --- "You shouldn't have done that." "You don't know what's coming." "YOU'RE ALL DEAD." An accident turned tragedy because they woke her up. She never wanted to wake up. She stopped killing people when they agreed to let her sleep in a coffin that was buried, FOREVER. But, is there a reason why she never wanted to wake up? No one dared to wake her up, but 300 years have passed. Everyone forgot about her or her location. 'Why are all the other vampires so slow or so weak?' 'It's not the year 1730, anymore... I slept for 300 f*ckin' years. But, where are the other vampires I knew? This old woman, why is she old? Why did she age?' 'Why don't we battle it out, to know who's the strongest?' "You're an ancient vampire?!!!" 'I will know all the answers to these questions about you, Milla. Your reasons.' --- I would like to warn you that this novel contains bloodshed/gore scenes, please be warned. No romance or might be a very slow romance. Join Milla and Lionel as these two overpowered vampires try to kill each other! -red_grapes- Novel date (starts): July 27, 2020


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This isn't your ordinary shameless author (which is also me), I'm here to give a review and some insights for this novel. This is a Fantasy Novel, not a Fantasy Romance Novel. The focus won't be directed at romance. It mainly concentrates on mystery, action, secrets, powers, interactions, and a little bit of comedy. If you like a touch of romance, this will be a slow one. Let's talk about the main protagonists, they're not really likable at the very start. That's actually my goal. Because you'll get to know them as the story progresses. I believe that there's more to every individual than we might perceive them to be. It's possible to find yourself preferring other characters over them and that's good, too. All of them have their own spotlights and deserve recognition. This will not be a novel about a vampire falling in love with a human. It will be about an ancient female vampire finding answers about herself- her past and origin, besides discovering what this modern world has to offer after waking up 300 years later. But she's not the only one, there's also the other vampire protagonist who needs to recognize his own self. Both of them can't give love because that was taken from them. Don't worry, there's no abusive/toxic relationship in this novel. Did I forget to mention that we have overpowered protagonists here and romance is still a very long way for them? Yes, they'll be overpowering each other, heck, they'll even try to eliminate one another. The setting of this novel is in a parallel universe where humans and vampires struggle to coexist. And that is all I have to say, for now. If any of you begin to read this book or already is reading it, know that I truly appreciate y'all! Thank you, everyone!!!


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Interesting read! I think it is a good touch of putting something that isn't the usual thing in vampire stories, like even though they drink blood, they can eat normal human food. keep updating!


I really love your world building! i typically don't like stories or anything about vampires, but you made this one interesting. also, strong characters. waiting for next update. <3


WE HAVE A STRONG FEMALE LEAD!!!! Enough said, read this, she is such a savage, I LOVE HER. I absolutely love vampire stories, but I'm not being biased when I say she really is a savage. Keep up the great work Author. 👏🏽🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️


I rarely read books based on vampires but this book is so good. The author has done an incredible job. We have a strong female lead. What else do we need? Keep writing!


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Exciting read! Can’t wait to read more on what the journey for or Vampire Princess will be. Seems the story is picking up~ a bit early for a full review but well done to the author!


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